Defer Parsing JavaScript For Slider Revolution

This is an old post and its information might be outdated. Please refer to Slider Revolution’s documentation for the most up to date information. I think Slider Revolution is OK. I use it because it has an easy to use admin UI and a lot of transitions. I can give a client access to it… Read more »

Secure Your Site: Vulnerabilities Found In WordPress All-In-One SEO

There are quite a few different WordPress plugins available that can add a variety of functionality to your WordPress website. Remember one of the plugins I developed, Eazy Twitter Cards? This is an example of how plugins can be one of the best parts of WordPress because it allows you to expand the capabilities of… Read more »

Add Google Analytics to WordPress in Three Simple Steps

Google Analytics is the industry standard for reporting on web based traffic. Integrating it into your website can give you insights that can increase the effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns, resulting in more visitors. So how does Google Analytics work? After you sign up for Google Analytics for your domain you will add some… Read more »

How To: Set Up cPanel & WHM on Amazon Web Services

This post was written in 2014, and its information might be outdated. Please refer to Amazon’s AWS documentation for the most up to date information, as I am not able to provide support or assistance for configuring AWS. For a few years now, I have been hearing about the benefits of Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud,… Read more »

Ditch Bad Design: Sign & Banner Visibility Explained

Whether it is an advertisement for a marketing campaign or signage on your business, a well designed custom sign can make the difference between connecting with new clients or having your message go unnoticed. When you hire a designer to create a custom sign for your business, make sure they take into account some best… Read more »

Verify File Downloads Using MD5 or SHA

If you have ever downloaded something from the internet, you know that it can be an agonizing ride as you wait to see if the file you just opened spawned viruses on your computer, or if it is actually what you thought it was. It is easy for files to be tampered with once they… Read more »

SEO Tools To Create Higher Rankings Without Developing Content

I feel like I spend a lot of my time talking to clients about the benefits of creating original keyword rich content to add to their websites as the foundation of a strong search engine optimization strategy. Not only does content creation increase the footprint of your website, it also gives you the potential to… Read more »

Claim Your Local Search Listings

A while back I talked about The Impact Of Google Search On Your Kansas City Business, one of the major takeaways was the importance of local listings. The conversion rate of local listings is much higher on mobile devices, according to a study by Google and Nielsen, 55% of purchase related conversions occur within 1… Read more »

Increase Your Social Media Engagement With Twitter Cards

Getting active engagement through social media channels can be one of the most challenging aspects of your business’ online marketing campaign. How do you make sure your message does not get lost among all the others on social media? Creating unique content and sharing it in the right channels, and in the right way can… Read more »

Kansas City Royals Unveil 2014 Marketing Campaign

With winter bearing down and the snow piling up we are reminded that spring is right around the corner, thanks to a few recent tweets from the Kansas City Royal’s unveiling a new marketing campaign for 2014. Gone is the “Come To Play” slogan that was a focal point of 2013 print, radio, web and… Read more »

The Impact Of Google Search On Your Kansas City Business

Is your Kansas City business easily found online? Consumers and business are searching on the internet for the products and services your business offers, but if your website can not be easily found and read by a search engine, the people seeking out your business will never find it. Consumers are using web based search… Read more »

Edit Contact Form 7

I have been using Contact Form 7 for years because it is a highly customizable and easily configurable contact form plugin for WordPress that works so well it is practically bulletproof. With over 14 million downloads in the WordPress Repository it is one of the most popular contact form solutions available for WordPress. Do you… Read more »