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Google Unviels More Updates To Mobile Search Results Presentation

We have seen Google roll out recent updates that have dramatically effected the presentation of mobile search results. The mobile-friendly label and the algorithm update are two examples that show Google has reexamined the concept of device specific search results. According to The Google Webmaster Central Blog, there is a new change to be on… Read more »

Secure Your Site: Vulnerabilities Found In WordPress All-In-One SEO

There are quite a few different WordPress plugins available that can add a variety of functionality to your WordPress website. Remember one of the plugins I developed, Eazy Twitter Cards? This is an example of how plugins can be one of the best parts of WordPress because it allows you to expand the capabilities of… Read more »

SEO Tools To Create Higher Rankings Without Developing Content

I feel like I spend a lot of my time talking to clients about the benefits of creating original keyword rich content to add to their websites as the foundation of a strong search engine optimization strategy. Not only does content creation increase the footprint of your website, it also gives you the potential to… Read more »

Claim Your Local Search Listings

A while back I talked about The Impact Of Google Search On Your Kansas City Business, one of the major takeaways was the importance of local listings. The conversion rate of local listings is much higher on mobile devices, according to a study by Google and Nielsen, 55% of purchase related conversions occur within 1… Read more »

The Impact Of Google Search On Your Kansas City Business

Is your Kansas City business easily found online? Consumers and business are searching on the internet for the products and services your business offers, but if your website can not be easily found and read by a search engine, the people seeking out your business will never find it. Consumers are using web based search… Read more »

Turn April Fools Day Into Visitors, Views and Conversions

Sometimes the internet can be a pretty funny place. April Fools Day is one of those days; with marketers and developers sneaking in a slice of their sense of humor into your daily web consumption, you never know what to expect. Google MentalPlex Google took advantage of April Fools Day back in 2000 with the… Read more »