SEO Tools To Create Higher Rankings Without Developing Content

I feel like I spend a lot of my time talking to clients about the benefits of creating original keyword rich content to add to their websites as the foundation of a strong search engine optimization strategy. Not only does content creation increase the footprint of your website, it also gives you the potential to share your content through various social media channels to further expand your reach. As great as keyword rich content is for your website, it takes a lot of work, from brainstorming to development to editing, the content creation process takes a lot of time. This is usually the biggest barrier to frequently creating fresh content.

So your asking:

“What Can I Do To Increase Search Rankings Without Having To Create Content?”

This was the topic of Rand Fishkin‘s White Board Friday on The MOZ Blog titled “6 Ways to Earn Higher Rankings Without Investing in Content Creation and Marketing – Whiteboard Friday” .

Fishkin lays out some great strategies and steps to increase your rankings without having to spend time developing content. (if you haven’t seen the video, it a must see and is at the bottom of this post)

Lets take a look at Fishkin’s examples and how you can implement them.

1. Make Your Snippets Better & Your Pages Serve That Intent

You can optimize your page or post to be more enticing for users to click on, and at the same time you want it to summarize the content as accurately as possible. Fishkin suggests rel=”author”, rich markup language, or even changing the title or url. Any of these that would make the listing more compelling to click on in search results, and would be well worth the time invested.

2. Improve The Crawl Friendliness & Pages Of Value Ratio On Your Site

Cleaning up your site map, getting rid of unnecessary pages, organizing your navigation in a user friendly manner all can help increase the crawl friendliness of your site. Many sites have far too many pages, most of which serve no purpose and get little to no traffic. Cleaning these pages up and grouping content in a way that gives users a clearly defined structure that allows them to get to your deepest pages in the fewest amount of clicks.

3. Optimize Page Load Speed

This one is pretty self explanatory. The faster your wesbite is the quicker users can get to the content they are looking for. The longer they have to wait, the more likely they are to leave. You can optimize code, your server, and a lot more to get your pages to load faster.

4. Leverage Your Network To Help Attract Links, Shares, Traffic, Endorsements, etc.

Here is one that you can do without using a computer! …Well kinda.

Getting your clients or customers to talk about your business and spread the word about how great your are virally can be one of the best ways to get links, but more importantly exposure. Think about how much more likely you are to use a product or service a friend recommends. Fishkin suggests anytime a client or customer tells you they like your service or product you should say “Thank You. It would mean a lot if you would tell someone about it, your friends, on social networks, in a blog post or whatever way you can come up with.”

5. Identify Popular Pages That Do Not Get Much Organic Traffic

Find your pages that have a lot of time on page, a low bounce rate, anything with high engagement that people are clicking on and spending time looking at. Fishkin suggests once you have these pages identified to examine and adjust your keyword optimization, titles, content etc.

6. Classic Competitive Link Building

Fishkin recommends using a link building tool to examine the links to your competitors. After you have a list you should prioritize it and reach out through the proper channels to try to get a link.

Your business should be able to use these 6 different strategies to create higher rankings in search engines without having to develop content.

Watch the White Board Friday by Rand Fishkin


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