WordPress Plugins

Eazy HTTP Headers provides two check boxes for settings on the general settings page. The check boxes, when checked, activate two functions built into WordPress, send_frame_options_header() & send_nosniff_header(). This allows you to control your sites HTTP Headers for X-Frame-Options & X-Content-Type-Options using functions built into WordPress functions. Controlling what your HTTP Headers allow is one… Read more »

Eazy Flickity Slider lets you create responsive sliders, without being overly complex. Adding slides is as easy as adding a post. Creating a slider works like adding a post to a category. You can then use a shortcode to get the slider to display on your site. There is a shortcode generator that shows up… Read more »

Eazy Project Management is a WordPress plugin that creates a custom post type for projects with a custom taxonomy for clients. The plugin also creates a custom user role for clients. When a user is added with the role client, it adds the users display name to the taxonomy clients. You can then create a… Read more »

Eazy Under Construction is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create a under construction / coming soon page for your website. The default under construction page supports custom HTML so that you can create the coming soon page of your dreams, or you can leave it as the URI with the “is coming soon”… Read more »

Eazy CSS Slider is a WordPress plugin that adds a custom post type called slides. You can easily interact with the slides post type to create a slider which is displayed using CSS. It works just like a creating a post. You can add the slider using a shortcode. The format for the shortcode is:… Read more »

Eazy XMLRPC Pingback Disable is a WordPress plugin that disables the defualt XMLRPC pingback ping that can potentially be used as part of a DDOS attack. The problem is in the built in feature that allow blogs to be automatically notified when their content is linked around the internet. An attacker could use these as… Read more »

Eazy Login Logo is a WordPress plugin that changes the default logo on the login screen. This plugin provides a custom login experience for users, allowing you to show your logo or your clients logo on the login screen. Simply upload your image to the plugin folder and core WordPress functionality makes the switch.  … Read more »

Eazy Twitter Cards is a WordPress plugin that extends the Advanced Custom Fields plugin to include custom fields for Twitter Card metadata on posts. You can now easily add information to populate the Twitter Cards you desire including: Summary, Summary Large Image, Photo, Product, App, Gallery & Player. Getting active engagement for your content through… Read more »