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Customize WordPress Admin Login Logo

UPDATE If you are looking for a plugin that does this, take a look at Eazy Login Logo Adding a custom logo to the WordPress admin screen is a simple three step process that can give your website a personalized touch. The parts that display the login form information are the logo image, the link… Read more »

Add Template To Custom Post Type In A Plugin

This probably falls in the not the best idea for all applications category, depending on how you separate and manage functionality. The situation I used this in required that I create a plugin (you could also use your theme’s functions.php file) for a custom post type. I wanted the custom post type to have a… Read more »

Change Custom Post Type’s Default Visibility To Private

Look in the comments to Vikas’ solution… much cleaner solution! The number of functions built into WordPress is kind of incredible. Some of them get lost in the shuffle, one of those actions is post_submitbox_misc_actions. This action gives you the ability to add or adjust content or fields for a post or page when the… Read more »

Restrict Content Based On Username

On a recent project, I had to show specific posts & content for the correlated user. I used Advanced Custom Fields to set a client name field which I would manually enter to match to the login name for each user that I create. I am sure there are more efficient ways to accomplish this,… Read more »

Add Menu For Logged In Users

On a recent project I had to incorporate a different set of menus for users who were logged in. I used the function is_user_logged_in() to see if the user was logged in, with an if/else statement to change out the menu. function rjs_wp_nav_switch( $args = ” ) { if( is_user_logged_in() ) { $args[‘menu’] = ‘logged-in’;… Read more »

Defer Parsing JavaScript For Slider Revolution

This is an old post and its information might be outdated. Please refer to Slider Revolution’s documentation for the most up to date information. I think Slider Revolution is OK. I use it because it has an easy to use admin UI and a lot of transitions. I can give a client access to it… Read more »