Great Plains SPCA

Great Plains SPCA is a non-profit organization with a mission to save, protect and improve the lives of animals, while strengthening the relationship between pets and their human companions. They have locations in Merriam and Independence making them the only bi-state pet welfare organization in the metro.

Great Plains SPCA had been undergoing the process of creating a new online identity which would incorporate their new branding into a custom website solution. Unfortunatley, it was not going as smoothly as it should have.

According to Chief Communication Officer, Rachel Hodgson:

“We had started the new website process with a large marketing company and it was in the middle of a two-three year process, where we were still facing challenges in getting what we originally requested. We eventually split ways and got a refund but still had no website.”

This left them looking for alternative developers, at which point my name came up. I had worked with a few people from the organization when I developed a website for their fundraiser, The Big Dawg Open, a few months earlier.

They discovered that the experience of working with me was quite a bit different than the large marketing firm they had been working with. Our close working relationship allowed them to be more hands on in the development process, creating a website that not reflects the branding and identity of the organization, but also incorporates elements that increase the efficiency in which the organization operates.

“By having one person, Rob, developing the site, our team could be hands on in the process and create a site very specific to our organization and our needs.”

“We have seen a significant increase in website visitors, an increase in time spent on the website, more donations and more compliments on the experience in finding information. The site also better reflects our organization’s new brand. Rob was able to produce an effective website in a very short amount of time. He was able to take our wants and determine the best way to make concept a reality.”

“I would recommend working with him because he can get the job done.”


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Testimonial from

Rachel Hodgson

Chief Communications Officer

Great Plains SPCA

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