Kansas City Dental Imaging

Website Development

Kansas City Dental Imaging is a new endeavor for Creekwood Orthodontics. They wanted a website design that showcased their newly acquired imaging product, the Carestream Dental CS-9300. This imaging solution is a state of the art machine that can show dentists or doctors unprecedented 3d Cone Beam images. The website design needed to showcase a lot of different information about the machine; some for patients and some more technical information for doctors.

The website design process began with gathering content and information from the maker of the machine. This information was written for doctors and was determined it would not work for the patient side of the site, so the content had to be reworded and adapted for a layperson. With the content re-worked, I was able specify content for patients, doctors and also applications for specific areas of practice.

With the content organized, the website design process really began. I started with WordPress and then customized a theme to showcase the information using a clean layout that would be easy to navigate for patients and doctors. The website design incorporates responsive elements so that it can be viewed optimally no matter what device the user is viewing it on. The website design has increased the visibility in the Kansas City area for Kansas City Dental Imaging.