Fuzzy Fotos KC

E-Commerce Website Development

Fuzzy Fotos KC is a photo contest that benefits The Kansas City CARE Clinic and Great Plains SPCA. Contestants pose for a portrait with their pet, and then get people to vote by donating a dollar per vote. They wanted to develop a website that would function like an e-commerce site where users could donate $1 for 1 vote for their favorite contestant.

For the website development, I decided to use WordPress, and incorporate the WooCommerce framework for the eCommerce functionality. This would allow the Kansas City CARE Clinic to easily administer their website so that they could update and change contestants as new ones come and old ones go. By integrating their payment gateways API, the donation based check out experience is as few steps as possible.

One of the most important aspects of the website design was to have it be easily navigable. I opted for a grid layout for the homepage that showcases the current contestants. I also developed a scrolling ticker for above the navigation that would function as a leader board for the contest.